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The Enlightenment Project

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Keeping it simple to achieve Balance,


Abundance & Harmony in your life


Hi and welcome to The Enlightenment Project, the website is a work in progress at the moment so please bear with me.


I set The Enlightenment Project up over 10 years ago to help people with their awakening.


Shortly after I  developed a course which teaches you to dissolve your conditioning and bring in a new Unity Operating System that allows you to transcend Duality and move into Unity (the reason we are all here).


This was based 100% on tried and tested methods that worked for me, I am the living embodiment of my course, I couldn’t teach it otherwise and get the results we do.


The Time is perfect for you to harness the energy and push forward on your path, my  development journey spanned years yours won't have to.




Although I offer many services including readings, which are a valuable tool if you feel stuck and need some help moving forward, my main aim is to teach you to do these things for yourself. Every which way I look everything comes back to the course, whatever your issues the course will teach you to fix it for yourself and the beauty of this; once it’s gone it’s gone!


I will teach you to access your healing abilities, your knowing, how to move energy. You will reconnect with your physical emotional and mental bodies and with the very centre of all things, you will find your connection back into Universal Energy and from there you can co-create the world of your dreams.


I have done this and am a living example, my students too and they are so excited by the transformations they are willing to share their experiences. These tools and techniques are the bridge from Duality to Unity, from captivity to freedom


This is the most exciting time to be alive in history and I feel blessed, to be surrounded by the most amazing transformations every day just makes my heart sing.


You are welcome to join us in whatever way feels comfortable, once finished this website will have some amazing free tools and resources as well as more details about the course.


Thank you for being patient and in the meantime if you have any questions please send me an email or check us out on Facebook.


We look forward to you joining us on our joyful way


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx

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A Healing Circle has been created, this is free for you all and can be used as often as you wish, please click the link below for a guided visualisation to help you connect.

For more information please look on our